Monday, 25 July 2016

Own A Website And Mobile App At A Very Cheap Price

Arewarmu Concepts can design a standard custom website for your Business, Products or Services for low price, no need of spending so much money designing website, you too can own your own website and expose your business to millions of web surfers daily and increase your sales massively, with our website development, we will make sure we expose and advertise your website for you free of Charge using our website marketing tools, such as Website submission to over 7000 search engines, Website Traffic Tool, Social Media campaigns, etc, we also have other website income generating tools which we can introduce to you such as Google ad sense Income, Affiliate Advert Income, Sponsored advert Income, etc. See below Features of your website design.

Features of Website

1. Up to 5 – 10 Pages
2. Banners and Slideshows
3. Enquiry Forms
4. Free Website Submission to Popular Search Engines
5. Business Logo (Optional)
6. Pictures Galleries
7. Blog Link
8. Facebook & Twitter and all social media Integration
9. Domain name and Hosting i.e
10. Corporate E-mail account, e.g
11. Google Adsense Banner to Earn Money from Google Daily
12. Website Submission to 10,000 Search Engines

Requirement to design website
1. Business Profile
2. Logo
3. Pictures

We are passionate and driven by the need for businesses to excel online through these web technologies.

we build all types of website with needed functionalities integrated with a beautiful UI (user interface).

Whatever you are into now needs a website to make more profits or expand to a larger base of customers around the globe.

We are highly proficient in web development technologies such as : php, mysql, html5/Css3, javascript, jquery etc.

We are experts also in using contents management systems like WordPress ( we build custom themes and plugins) , Joomla, magento, opencart. To craft awesome web interface for all your needs.

We also develop web based apps using Javascript libraries such as: angularJs, jqueryMobile, react and respond.js.

We are passionate and driven by the need for businesses to excel online through these web technologies.

Hire us today, Let’s handle your next web projects at affordable price. Trust me, it’s what you can afford.

Are you a blogger, webmaster,??

Featured OF The Mobile App

- List and grid views

- Swipe to read next article

- Add widget for news source

- Download articles and images or prevent them

- Offline reading

- Star and share news

- Control update interval

- Download using wireless only

- Search articles

- Backup and restore news feeds

- Control feed font and image size

- Show/hide toolbar buttons

- Notifications for new updates

- Auto update or manual update

- Jokes

- Stories

- Exams

- Short Stories

- Trending Updates

- Quality Logo

- Short Story Challenge

- All Completed Stories

- News And Entertainment

- Inbuilt Search Engine

- Inbuilt Facebook Login

- Arewarmu Facebook Page

- Latest Tweets From Arewarmu

- Submit A Story

- Contact Us

- Instant Notification Enabled

- Multiple Themes To Switch

Do you want a super mobile app for your blog/website, with free hosted  Adsense  and  Admob  account to be making money from it, and get it published on playstore its just  N10000  only, limited offer, before i start charging 15k.

To Design Website/Mobile App send mail to  or send mail directly here



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